Tuesday 8/25


Today was my first day on the job and the club was much different than I expected. We have an amazing team bus and pretty good facility. From the outside however it does not look like anything special. The gym is pretty nice, along with a good weight room. It is a big facility though with tons of showers, lockers, weight rooms, offices and even a boxing club as well. We practiced twice today and they were both pretty hard, but still very offensive which is awesome! Another thing which has been a pleasant surprise is, knowing that you are getting paid for 4 hours of work is pretty awesome. The toll on the body is definitely tough, but working half the time as a normal person and maintaining top physical condition is awesome.
I am making all of my meals which is a definite change for me. I wake up and have either cereal or eggs and bacon and a banana. Then come back make some ham or turkey sandwiches. I am even making full fledged dinners with pasta, some type of meat, vegetables, rice, salad and bread. It is wild how much time making 3 meals of day takes up your time. I can not even stress how much I miss my mom’s amazing cooking! Such a blessing I had for my entire life. I will be able fend for myself in the kitchen after this 10 months for sure. I have already begun playing with flavors and mixtures and things like that. I do everything in the oven or on the stove because they do not have microwaves or toasters in my apartment. It definitely has been entertaining while I wait for my internet and cable TV to get set up!
Another obstacle I have run into is figuring out my washing machine and dish washer because all the buttons and instructions are in Russian. I have been playing around the last two days trying to figure it out. I finally got my washing machine to work and they do not have dryers here so I go straight old school and hang everything up.Finally, I have been moving things around and getting my apartment just the way I like it and making it as homie as possible. I can’t believe how comfortable I feel only after two days in Ukraine.

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